When I first began constructing my ideas for the Wild Woman documentary series I had been reading Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarisa Pinkola Estes. My background is in Broadcast Journalism and I love telling peoples' stories digitally, but I also had a deep interest in women's psychological experience for years. When Women Who Run with the Wolves made it's way into my life, the wild woman archetype became of keen interest for me. I thought maybe I had found a way to combine these two passions of mine, by telling women's story whom I feel embody this archetype. 

My first statement which I wrote in April 2018 read, "I am looking for women who are listening to their soul, women who are living incredibly unique lives, women who are on a path we have not seen very much before or have not been exposed to very often. Women who have struggled to be who they have become but who have found great solace in accepting their authentic selves."

Around this time, I had just been accepted into a Masters program at the University of Essex in Colchester, England to study Jungian Psychoanalytical Psychology. Which I thought would help me further my understanding of psychoanalysis, archetypes and people in general.

Throughout the course, which still is not over, I truly did enhance and expand my understanding of what the wild woman archetype means to me...I don't believe I am finished with my understanding. Maybe I never will be, but as this is now my dissertation topic, with myself and the women who I filmed over the summer as subjects, I hope to explore it that much further.

For this moment, I could only add to the statement, I am still looking for these women but I am also looking to share women's stories from a deeper and more psychologically focused lense. I don't just want to share stories about events but how these events affected and transformed people, as I hope I was already able to do with the series, but I hope to continue that further.